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Security Tips

Our company has never asked you, or in no way will ever ask you (by e-mail, by phone, by any of its trainers or staff) to disclose your strictly personal username and password, or to log in to our webpage or any other webpage, in presence of a third party. Passwords are strictly personal and must never be revealed to third parties. Visit our webpage by typing directly, and never by following links from other webpages, search engines or e-mails. If you received or will receive such a request or message, it is a FRAUD. In any such case, please let us know immediately by contacting the Customer Service Center (800 100 2020 & 801 100 2020 or 210 900 5000).


Keep your password secure, and away from the reach of third parties.

Keep your computer up-to-date, by upgrading it with the latest versions of operation system updates (e.g.Windows) and browser application (Internet Explorer, Firefox) patches.

Scan your computer regularly for potential viruses, by using the latest versions / updates of antivirus and antispyware programs.

Attention! There have been various reports regarding malicious software that can be installed in your computer without your knowledge, which can attempt to "phish" (steal) your username and password. In case you notice anything unusual during your connection to the Web Associate Application, such as "strange" messages prompting you to re-enter your username and password, do not respond to them. Please contact the Customer Service Center (800 100 2020 & 801 100 2020 or 210 900 5000) and/or make sure you clean up your computer from viruses and any other malicious software that might have infected your computer.


Ignore and immediately delete "suspicious" e-mails that either prompt you to disclose any personal information, or contain links and/or attachments.

For further information regarding the security of your transactions, click HERE.

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